LGBTQ Study Team Conclusion

sacredheartI began blogging over a year ago to share why City Church of Long Beach started our Study Team regarding LGBTQ people in the church. The blog really took off as I shared some personal stories, including about when my son came out.

Our Study Team has now concluded. It’s been a long run – almost two years looking at things like how the early church handled conflict over questions of inclusion, how scholars view key passages like Romans 1, and thinking through how to understand what Paul calls ‘disputable matters’ in Romans 14 (listen to this amazing sermon about it).

On January 21, 2018 we shared our conclusions with our whole church in the context of our vision to be a radically welcoming community, on a journey towards Jesus, joining him in the renewal of all things. I want to share with you what was shared then.

First, I read the this letter to the church summarizing the key insights, tensions, and sorrows of our journey.


Then the Study Team shared our theology behind our vision, which is on the ‘About’ page of our website (just scroll to the bottom).

I am so grateful for the journey we’ve been on. Along the way, God’s clarified my call to focus my energies on pastoring City Church Long Beach so I will be posting only infrequently in the future on this blog.

Grace and peace to you in Christ,



Author: Bill White

I am a pastor at City Church of Long Beach, a friend to many LGBTQ people, and a conversation partner for people all over the spectrum of beliefs about how being LGBTQ and Christian fit together.

6 thoughts on “LGBTQ Study Team Conclusion”

  1. Wow….that was so powerful, Bill. I need to go backwards now and really chew on what you guys dove in to…..Thanks for taking this journey and for sharing….


  2. Pastor white , I’m one person that believe Jesus loved everyone and we must love ❤️ every one person! I support the journey and only God will know what’s best how to handle the details of what’s sin or not we are the judges!!!! In this said I am very proud of your journey and if there anything I can do to support it let me know .


  3. Excellent summation Bill. The journey (guided by the Holy spirit) has indeed lead CCLB to a perspective that embraces and invites the diversity of God’s created humanity to reaps the benefits of grace and mercy. I am so honored to have been a participant of the journey and have learn much beyond my expectations on the LGBTQ issue. Keep pushing forward. The best is yet to come is it not?


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