City Church of Long Beach formed a Study Team in early 2016 to look at the issues surrounding LGBTQ people in the church.  The Study Team meets once a month and has been working through a study guide we put together, which you can find here: SYLLABUS.

The syllabus is a work in process.  I’ve put it together with the help of numerous friends from various theological perspectives – friends from within City Church, from within our denomination, and from other walks of life.  Wherever possible, the syllabus covers the most pertinent material for a session in 100 pages of reading or less.  That means there are numerous book chapters, articles, personal narratives and blogs included; longer material is generally cited in the ‘Additional Material’ section.

The syllabus is united in the sense that it covers theological material exclusively from those who love Jesus and hold the scriptures to be trustworthy.  Within that unity, however, there is a great diversity of perspectives in the syllabus, represented by authors who understand the proper connection between LGBTQ people and God’s church quite differently.

If you have a recommendation of a book, article, blog or other resource to be included in the syllabus, I’d be glad to consider it, and I will gladly include what I can.  Just go to the Contact page and let me know.  Thanks!  (I can’t guarantee I’ll add it, since I’m afraid there is simply too much material to add it all, even to the ‘Additional Material’ section.)